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Appraisal report

  • In depth property value estimation
  • Detailed comparison against market
  • Property location analysis
  • Important property features
  • Analyses with recently sold properties
  • Influencing factors with calculated price impact
  • External and internal imagery
  • Exterior, interior details and features
  • Crime and traffic maps
  • Market and macroeconomic factors
  • USPAP compliant

Fast, in-depth,

For Mortgage Lenders

B&B works with lenders and AMCs in the origination and 3rd party assessment flows for faster, information richer, and more in depth analysis.

For Real Estate Investors

B&B's valuation models replace the tools investors use today for continuous portfolio value assessment, adding more objectivity and analytics.

For Capital Markets Participants

B&B prices assets underlying Mortgage Bonds, MBOs, CMOs, and other secondary market products for mark to market compliance.

Why AI?

  1. 1AI is trained on thousands of factors from hundreds of thousands properties providing comprehensive up-to-date view on market.
  2. 2Our models combine structured data related to properties and its neighbourhood with socio-economic factors and imagery information.
  3. 3AI models reduce confirmation bias and provide results with measurable confidence.
  4. 4AI eliminates majority of work in rich appraisal scenarios, with verification with top tier appraisers to generate USPAP compliant appraisals faster.

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